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Financial Aid

Do you dream to study in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, or Ireland? ​Don't let financial barriers hold you back! Our Student Loan Program is here to jumpstart your journey towards higher education.

Admission Counselling

We offer personalized services that support students with their unique needs. We match students with educational institutions that will help them achieve their dream.

Visa and Immigration Services

In addition to matching suitable students with educational institutions, we also help applicants and their families with their visa and immigration services needs.

Pre-departure Support

We provide trainings and resources to students and their families that helps set expectations right about the local culture, weather, politics etc.

Settlement Services

Our settlement and integration experts have many years of experience helping newcomers settle and integrate faster and easier into their new community.

Other Services

Immigration, Visa, Citizenship, Real Estate, Career Counselling, Scholarship etc.


The Process Can be daunting, we know

Let us help you in your journey to a promising future

EducationAgency is a registered international education service provider, whose mission is to use education as a tool to improve personal and collective wellbeing and prosperity. We strive to achieve our mission by connecting students to educational institutions globally. Our purpose is to affirm that everyone has a purpose and a future worth supporting.

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Our aim is to support students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad because we believe that investing in people is the most important and most rewarding investment.

We offer a one stop solution to students willing to pursue education abroad.




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